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Calibration Sources

Calibration Sources

Calibration sources are required for Calibration of PET/CT , SPECT and other impinging devices

ezag flood source

Flood Sources

Co57 flood sources provides a uniform field of radiation for evaluation of nuclear medicine gamma camera, allowing detection and malfunction of any gamma camera prior to diagnostic use. Typical useful life of Co57 flood source is 2 years, available in circular and rectangular dimensions

spect sources

Sources for SPECT

A SPECT image is formed by collimated radiation emitted from body of patient, due to injected rdiopharmcuitical. SPECT image quality can suffer from unquantiified attenuation effects caused as the beam passes through tissue of varying densities and tissues Gd-153, Co-57 and Ba-133 are commonly...

ge68 sources

Sources for Pet-CT Calibration

Ge-68 point, line sources and phantom are double layered tubes and made of high-quality stainless steel. Each line source is sealed on its ends by the process of precise argon welding. Thanks to the argon welding process, the possibility of activity leakage is eliminated,...

dosecalibrator sources

Dose Calibrator Reference Standards

Dose Calibrator Reference Sources provide a safe and convenient method of calibrating instruments for measuring the accuracy of imaging solutions most commonly utilized by medical technicians. The Dose Calibrator Vial is manufactured by distributing the active element in 20 mL of epoxy, comprising a...

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