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Radiation Monitoring Devices

Radiation Monitoring Devices

Radiation Monitoring devices are used to detect Ionizing radiation, which cant be visualized, Radiation monitoring devices for all type is available by Polimaster a well known brand in Europe



It use 2 GM tubes for better performance, capable to measure Xray/gamma rays in professional way



SOEK 01 ia Russian made Survey meter, capable to measure X-Ray /Gamm Ray, using a GM Tube, It s capable to measure cumulative dose as well


PM1406 Food Contamination Monitor

РМ1406 Food Contamination Monitor is intended to measure the radiosonde activity in food and liquids. Instrument measures specific (for solid and dry substances) or volumetric (for liquids) activity 137 Cs +134 Cs + 40 К nuclides in the sample. Instrument also enables permanent or periodic radiation monitoring of the...


PM1211 Electronic Dosimeter

A new PM1211 Series of gamma-radiation dosimeters is designed to replace well-proven electronic dosimeter PM1203M. Dosimeters measure the ambient dose equivalent  rate (DER)  and dose equivalent (DE) of gamma and X-ray radiation, record data in non-volatile memory, have visual, audible and vibration alarms, communicate...


PM1208M Personal Dosimeter

PM1208 incorporates a sensitive Geiger-Muller based gamma detector and a stylish wristwatch, combining a leading edge dosimeter technology with Swiss tradition of the watch making. An audible alarm alerts the user when a potential radiation hazard exceeds adjustable radiation threshold levels. The instrument contains...



Measurement system is designed for measuring contamination in flexible container bags, that makes it possible to determine the degree of pollution and to distribute flexible bags according to the level of contamination

Survey Meter PM1405

PM1405 Survey Meter

РМ1405 Survey Meter measures beta radiation flux density from contaminated surfaces and ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma and X-ray radiation. Survey Meter is designed for the wide range of radiation safety applications and may be successfully used by radiation control services personnel, first...

PM 1610 Body Dosimeter

PM 1610 Body Dosimeter

PM 1610 Body Dosimeter (PM 1610 Body Dosimeter) Electronic personal dosimeters are designed to measure continuous and pulse X-Ray and gamma radiation in the 20 keV – 10 MeV energy range. Dosimeters are recommended to protect professionals, who work with or around X-ray or...

PM1401-K survey Meter

PM1401-K Hand-Held Survey Meter

PM1401-K survey Meter (PM1401-K survey Meter) PM1401K-3 Multipurpose Hand-Held Radiation Monitor/Identifier belongs to the new family of Polimaster extremely sensitive and compact multipurpose hand-held radiation monitors. PM1401K-3 can continuously measure ambient dose equivalent rate Ḣ*(10) of gamma and x-ray radiation in the wide energy...

PM 1403 Display Unit

PM 1403 Display Unit (PM 1403 Display Unit) Multifunctional, networked mobile monitor for measuring all types of ionizing radiation and spectrum collection of gamma emitting sources. The device is equipped with a built-in CsI(TI) detector for detection and location of gamma radiation sources and...

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