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Radio Opaque Markers

Radio opaque markers are used during CT scan or MRI for simulation Purpose, We are dealing with best markers by Sureamrk USA,


Scaneez Stick ‘n Scan Cone Beam Markers

Stop wasting time and money duplicating dentures with radiopaque acrylics, metal bb’s, gutta percha, and so on. Don’t spend another cent on lab bills or waste another minute of chair time. Create the treatment plan and start the case during the consultation visit. Produce...

suremark dental

Dental Markers

Designed specifically for the dental industry. For a variety of uses in facial marking, denture marking, and guided surgery. VF-10: DentalMark 1.0mm Visionline ball for Cone Beam CT VF-20: DentalMark 2.0mm Visionline ball on denture sized label CF-23: 2.3mm CT ball on denture sized...

sureamrker MRi

MRI Markers

Finally, a line of fiducial markers for MRI that visually promote healing, while keeping your budget in line. LiquiMark markers are non-metallic, latex-free, and perform consistently and accurately in a variety of applications. LM-1: LiquiMark 8mm round MRI markers. LM-2: LiquiMark 15mm tube MRI...

suremark ct scan

CT Markers

This specially formulated non-metallic material is the result of years of research and development, resulting in a virtually artifact-free opaque marker that is perfect for nearly all CT marking applications CTW10 :1.0 mm CT wire on diamond label CTW20 :2.0 mm CT wire on...

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