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water molecules

Water Molecules

The opposite charges on the oxygen and hydrogen atoms causes different water molecules to attract each other. This attraction is particularly strong when the O-H bond from one water molecule points directly at a nearby oxygen atom in another water molecule, that is, when...

O 18 stable Isotope

O 18 Stable Isotope

Oxygen-18 (18. O) is a natural, stable isotope of oxygen and one of the environmental isotopes. 18.O is an important precursor for the production of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) used in positron emission tomography (PET). Generally, in the radiopharmaceutical industry, enriched water (H 218. O) is bombarded with hydrogen. We can provide you O18 from Isoflex USA ...



The expertise of Orano in advanced nuclear technologies has enabled the development of a method for the stable extraction of high-purity lead-212. Already used in the research against cancer, this radioactive isotope coming from the decay chain of thorium-232, was all too rare. This...

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