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In Pakistan each and every use of radioactive material is to be regularized under the laws introduced and maintained by Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority. PNRA guide Regulations for the Licensing of Radiation Facilities other than Nuclear Installations (PAK/908) gives a brief about such requirements.

At Standard Technologies; a highly experienced team of Radiation Protection Advisors (RPA) having rich experience of industrial issues relating to health physics is ready to serve your needs  of Radiation Protection and Safety.

These may include;

  1. Legal Requirement Assistance
  2. Policy Advisory Services
  3. Future Expansion Analysis
  4. Covering Documentation Requirements like Radiation Protection Plan, Radiation Safety Plan, Quality Management Plan, Physical Security Plan, Transportation Plan, Radiation Emergency Management Plan etc.
  5. Site Analysis
  6. Radioactive Material Transportation Supervision
  7. Import Export and Customs Clearance related issues
  8. Radiation Protection and Safety Audits
  9. Radiation Emergency Management Services
  10. Liaison Services with PNRA and other Regulatory Bodies

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