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QA Films

We provide it with different sizes and dimensions suitable for daily QA of GammaKnife, Cyberknife, and QA of IMRT

AQA Films

RTQA Films

Gafchromic RTQA2 self-developing radiochromic quality assurance films are well-suited for machine QA in the processor-less environment of the modern hospital. They are for faster, easier, more convenient and less costly quality assurance testing of radiotherapy sources and the commissioning of therapy equipment. The films...

AQA Films

EBT3 Films

Gafchromic EBT-3 is designed for the measurement of absorbed doses of ionizing radiation. It is particularly suited for high-energy photons. The dynamic range of this film is designed for best performance in the dose range from 0.2 to 10 Gy, making it suitable for...

AQA Films

E2E Films

E2E Films E2E is a test performed at cyberknife to check precession for Skull, Fiducial and supine tracking. it comes in packing of 20 sheets. We can provide it from almost all well known brands including, Ashland, Hayes, Jordan Medical and BCC

AQA Films

AQA Films

AQA Films AQA is a short test to check precession of Cyber knife AQA Films are supplied in box of 100 strips of GAFCHROMIC AQA EBT3 - 2.5"X2.5" (6.35 cm X 6.35 cm) film designed specifically for Cyberknife Automated Quality Assurance . We can provide it from almost all well...

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