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Medical Equipment, Disposables & Chemicals Suppliers in Pakistan

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We started work in the supplies of medical equipment in 1999 from Lahore,
Standard Technologies. specializes in selling new quality Medical equipment, and services in Radiation Oncology providing the best value products to our customer’s needs, at a fair price with excellent service.

Standard Technologies is a privately held company engaged in supplies of medical equipments and solutions for the industry, where the safety of people and the environment comes first, Nuclear Medicine, PET /CT Hot Lab, QA accessories, Immobilization devices for Radiotherapy, and Complete Dosimeters for Linac ,and Brachytherapy for health care facilities in Pakistan. Our Company is committed to outstanding service, competitive pricing and a wide selection of products.

Product Description:

  • 1. Radiation Monitoring devices
  • 2. Calibration & Reference Radioactive Sources
  • 3. Positioning & Immobilization Devices for Radiotherapy
  • 4. PET Hot Lab & QA Accessories for Cyclotron
  • 5. Disposables at Cyclotron
  • 6. Shielding & Shielded Storage
  • 7. Mold room accessories
  • 8. Phantoms and QA Films
  • 9. Complete Dosimeters for Linear Accelerator and Brach therapy.
  • 10. Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Units
  • 11. Ventilators
  • 12. Health Physics

Standard Technologies has created a business network of professionals along with representing its principals exclusively in this region. We have strong sales and service teams and are registered to participate in Tenders / Purchase Process in various Public and Private Institution.

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"Our Company is committed to outstanding service, competitive pricing and a wide selection of products"